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About us

The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) was established in 2002, as a statutory advisory Welsh Assembly-sponsored public body under the 1977 NHS Act, to provide advice on medicines management and prescribing to Welsh Government in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

AWMSG brings together NHS clinicians, pharmacists, healthcare professionals, academics, health economists, industry representatives and patient advocates. AWMSG, acting in a strategic and advisory capacity, is an authoritative and expert channel through which consensus can be reached on the use of medicines within both primary and secondary care.

AWMSG works to develop innovative partnerships that benefit patients and achieve the best outcomes from the use of medicines in Wales.  All involved with prescribing and medicines management will work together to ensure equity of access to the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medicines for the people of Wales. 

The group’s main functions are to:

  • Advise the Welsh Government of future developments in healthcare to assist in its strategic planning.
  • Advise the Welsh Government on the development and implementation of a prescribing strategy for Wales.
  • Develop timely, independent and authoritative advice on new medicines. 

The work of AWMSG is planned via the AWMSG Steering Committee.  This committee prioritise the work programme of the parent committee to ensure the efficient use of AWMSG resources.

Two advisory subgroups report to AWMSG and provide expert advice; the New Medicines Group (NMG) and the All Wales Prescribing Advisory Group (AWPAG).  AWMSG and its subgroups are supported by the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTTC) which provides the secretariat, pharmaceutical assessment and health economics resources.  The work of AWTTC consists of health technology appraisals, medicines management prescribing, medicines safety, education, toxicology and prescribing analysis.

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