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All Wales Prescribing Advisory Group (AWPAG)

AWPAG is a subgroup of AWMSG. AWPAG advises AWMSG on strategic developments in prescribing and medicines management to promote the safe and effective use of medicines in Wales.

Membership includes regional representation of doctors and pharmacists with differing roles. There is representation from Public Health Wales, Welsh Government, industry, lay members, and other healthcare professionals eligible to prescribe.

The main functions of the group: 

  • Develop and implement strategies that promote safe, rational, cost-effective prescribing
  • Monitor prescribing patterns and develop appropriate indicators
  • Advise on appropriate training, education and professional development for those persons employed in providing prescribing advice
  • Advise on the impact of developments that involve the use of medicines
  • Working in collaboration with other groups and organisations to promote the best use of medicines for patients

AWPAG Constitution