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Appraisal process

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Appraisal meetings

Two appraisal meetings are held:
New Medicines Group (NMG) members meet in private and consider the clinical and cost-effectiveness of the medicine while AWMSG members meet in public and are asked to apply a broad strategic/social overview when considering a recommendation. There may be occasions where the appraisal of a medicine by AWMSG is held in private. Please refer to the frequently asked questions for further information.

The dates of the NMG and AWMSG meetings are confirmed and displayed on the AWMSG website on receipt of a submission, following an initial review for completeness and appropriateness. AWMSG meeting papers will also be available on the AWMSG website approximately ten days prior to the meeting.

Clinical expert opinion

Completed clinical expert questionnaires are considered at the NMG and AWMSG meetings. These questionnaires are treated as confidential and are not uploaded to the AWMSG website