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Wales Patient Access Scheme

Patient Access Schemes (PAS) are arrangements which may be used on an exceptional basis for the acquisition of medicines for the NHS in Wales and England. PAS propose a discount, rebate or other variation from the list price of a medicine that may be linked to the number, type or response of patients, and/or the collection of new evidence (outcomes). These schemes should aim to improve the cost effectiveness of a medicine and therefore allow the All Wales Medicine Strategy Group (AWMSG) to recommend treatments which it might otherwise have found not to be cost effective. Wales Patient Access Schemes (WPAS) are proposed by a pharmaceutical company and agreed with the Welsh Government, with input from the Patient Access Schemes Wales Group (PASWG) within the AWMSG Health Technology Appraisal (HTA) process.

The following WPAS documents are available:

Patient Access Scheme Wales Group - Members
Wales Patient Access Scheme - Process Guidance
Wales Patient Access Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions
Complex WPAS Submission Deadlines

Submission Form for a Simple Wales Patient Access Scheme
Submission Form for a Complex Wales Patient Access Scheme

A list of technologies with an approved WPAS or PAS recommended by AWMSG for use in NHS Wales is available in the AWMSG report section.

A list of technologies with an approved PAS recommended by NICE for use in the NHS in England and Wales is available at:

Department of Health Patient Access Scheme Notification within NHS Wales