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AWMSG medicines optimisation guidance documents undergo national consultation prior to endorsement and publication. The following documents are currently under consultation and the views of healthcare professionals, industry representatives and patients/patient groups are welcomed. Please complete the associated pro-forma and return to

Please note: Comments received during consultation are compiled in a report and considered by the development group. Each comment will be addressed and any changes to the document that are made as a result will be noted. The summary report including any comments submitted will be available upon request.

AWTTC reserves the right to summarise comments, where it is deemed appropriate, and to not publish comments if we consider their publication to be unlawful or otherwise inappropriate.

By submitting your comments, you are agreeing to them being used in line with the above.

Please allow three weeks from the date of final publication for the summary of consultation comments to be made available.

Current consultations

There are currently no consultations available.

Normal business of the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) and its sub-groups, the All Wales Prescribing Advisory Group (AWPAG) and the New Medicines Group (NMG) has been suspended so that committee members and staff of the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTTC) can focus on issues relating to Covid-19. 

The papers; All Wales Asthma Guidance, All Wales Management of Acute COPD Exacerbation Guideline and All Wales Secondary Care Community Acquired Pneumonia Guideline have been out for consultation and the documents have been updated accordingly. The updated versions were considered by AWPAG at the meeting held on the 10th March 2020. There are a couple of outstanding minor issues that require the author’s attention prior to the documents being presented to AWMSG for discussion and potential endorsement. The situation with regard to normal business will be reviewed at the end of May and it is anticipated that the Author will have had opportunity to clarify the outstanding issues. It is intended that the document will be presented to AWMSG as soon as normal business is resumed.