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Patients/carers/patient organisations

Would you like an opportunity to ensure your views are heard?

You can make a difference. You can have a voice in processes which could impact on patients and carers living in Wales. We want to know your views, whether you are an individual, a small group or a large organisation.

AWMSG produces advice on new medicines and medicines management, and welcomes your input if:      

 You have experience of the condition in question, or,
 You have experience of the treatment in question, or,
 You care for someone with the condition in question, or,
 You are a representative for a patient organisation concerned with the condition in question

Your experience of the disease/condition/treatment in question will help us understand how these health problems affect patients and/or carers.  Patients/carers/patient organisations are often able to provide additional insight, which is invaluable in the work that we do and the advice that we give to NHS Wales.

New medicines

AWMSG advises Welsh Government whether new medicines should be available for use in NHS Wales. New medicines are appraised (evaluated) against currently available medicines to compare:
  • how well they work
  • how cost-effective they are
  • which patients they would benefit the most.

Your input will impact on which medicines are available within NHS Wales (see 'How it Works' for more information about the appraisal process). To submit your views and see which medicines are currently awaiting patient submissions, please see medicines awaiting your views.

Medicines management

Medicines management resources aim to make medicines safer and more effective for patients – but we can only achieve this with the help of patients, carers and patient organisations who can offer real insight into the condition or treatment in question.

Improving patient and public engagement

AWMSG is committed to involving patients and the public in all areas of its work, and as part of this commitment has developed and established:

We have created the short film below to help explain the importance of your role. We want the patient voice and experiences to be at the centre of decision-making so that patients can have access to new and effective medicines at the earliest possible opportunity.

patient consultation image#