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How it works - ‘Appraisals’


AWMSG advises Welsh Government whether new medicines should be available for use in NHS Wales. New medicines are appraised (evaluated) against currently available medicines to compare:

  • how well they work
  • how cost-effective they are
  • which patients they would benefit the most.

Using our questionnaire, you can outline your experience of the disease/condition in question and any experience you might have of the associated treatments, explaining why your needs are currently met or not met. We welcome any information that might help us understand how these health problems affect patients and/or carers. Patients/carers/patient organisations are often able to provide additional insight which is invaluable in considering whether a medicine should be available to patients within NHS Wales.

You can help inform us of the real effects on patients and bring a human dimension to the appraisal, and this input will have an impact on which medicines should be funded. See the latest medicines awaiting your views.

patient how it works diagram
*No fixed timescale can be given for consideration of AWMSG's advice by Welsh Government, as it is dependent on competing Welsh Government priorities.

The above flowchart with supplementary detail can be downloaded here:
Appraisal process overview (pdf)