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Medicines management resources awaiting your views

Medicines management resources aim to make medicines safer and more effective for patients. When we produce these resources, it is important that people who might be affected by them have a chance to give us their opinion. We also want to hear from the people who know most about the condition/treatment in question. This means that we ask doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmaceutical (drug) companies, patients, carers and patient representatives to read the papers and send us their feedback.


We need your help

Your input as a patient (or carer or patient representative) is vital, as the resources are meant to improve the care and treatment that you get. To produce the best possible guidance we need to hear first-hand the way these conditions and treatments affect patients.

You do not need to give a view on the whole paper; it may be that only one part is relevant to you.

Please note: Comments received during consultation are compiled in a report and considered by the development group. Each comment will be addressed and any changes to the document that are made as a result will be noted. The summary report including any comments submitted will be available upon request.

AWTTC reserves the right to summarise comments, where it is deemed appropriate, and to not publish comments if we consider their publication to be unlawful or otherwise inappropriate.

By submitting your comments, you are agreeing to them being used in line with the above.

Please allow three weeks from the date of final publication for the summary of consultation comments to be made available.


Documents awaiting your views:

There are currently no consultations available; please check back again soon.