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Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact either:

Ruth Lang
Head of Liaison & Administration at AWTTC

Claire Davis
Patient Organisation Lead at AWTTC

(029) 2071 6900

Some frequently asked questions are answered below:

Why should you get involved?
You can outline your experience of the disease/condition in question and any experience you might have of the associated treatments, explaining why your needs are currently met or not met. We welcome any information that might help us understand how these health problems affect patients and/or carers.  Patients/carers/patient organisations are often able to provide additional insight which is invaluable in considering whether a medicine should be available to patients within NHS Wales.

You can help inform us of the real effects on patients and bring a human dimension to the appraisal, and this input will have an impact on which medicines should be funded.

How is the patient/carer perspective obtained?
We use a standard internet search to identify patient organisations. The pharmaceutical (drug) company also suggests organisations for us to contact. We then invite the relevant patient organisations to fill in a questionnaire.

We also welcome individual patient views. We encourage patients/carers/patient organisations to actively refer to the medicines awaiting your views on the AWMSG website and to complete a questionnaire when appropriate.

How will your questionnaire be used?
Patient/carer questionnaires are included in the appraisal meeting papers and patient views are presented by the lay members of the appraisal groups.

Will the completed patient/carer questionnaires be posted on the website?
No.  The patient/carer questionnaires will not be placed in the public domain.  They will, however, be circulated to the appraisal groups.  The issues highlighted in the questionnaires may be discussed at the AWMSG meeting in public.  However, the actual questionnaires will only be viewed by members, and those from individual patients/carers will be made anonymous.  Patient organisations may also remain anonymous by ticking the relevant box on the questionnaire.

Are all appraisals by AWMSG held in public?
There may be occasions when the appraisal of a medicine by AWMSG is held in private.  This is usually because the submission made by pharmaceutical (drug) company contains commercially sensitive and confidential information.  Members of the public will not be able to observe that part of the meeting.  However, when the meeting reopens to the public, the recommendation of AWMSG will be announced.  Please contact AWTTC for further information and/or check the relevant meeting agenda on the AWMSG website for details.

Who are AWTTC?
The All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTTC) provide professional, technical and administrative support for AWMSG.