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Related Resources

Links to the following resources are provided:

  • NHS Expenditure and Health Tool
    The Public Health Wales Observatory has produced a report and interactive tool that presents NHS expenditure data alongside measures of health and health care. The tool covers six of the twenty three programme budgets, with these six accounting for over 40% of all NHS Wales expenditure.

  • Non Medical Prescribing in Wales Guidance 2017
    This document provides guidance on prescribing by non-medical practitioners in Wales. The guidance covers both supplementary and independent prescribing (both full and limited).

  • All Wales Policy Making Decisions on Individual Patient Funding Requests (IPFR)
    Continuing advances in technology, changing populations, better information and increasing public and professional expectations all mean that NHS Health Boards have to agree their service priorities for the application of their financial and human resources. Agreeing these priorities is a complex activity based on sound research evidence where available, sometimes coupled with value judgments. It is therefore important to be open and clear about the availability of healthcare treatments on the NHS and how decisions on what should be funded by the NHS are made.